I am fortunate to be half Colombian and half Swiss, that’s why I developed a fascination with both cultures from a very early age.

Two cultures, two traditions rooted over 10,000 km from each other. On the one hand, Colombia sparked my interest in the Pre-Hispanic cultures of the Americas, full of color, history, legends, mythology, and an incredible spirit focused on enjoying life’s every moment. On the other hand, living in Zurich, one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world, I learned to appreciate the importance of the small details and of a focus on quality, and I became fascinated with thoroughness and a job well done.

These influences inspired me to create a brand that reflected my personal history, combining the beauty of both of my cultures. And that’s how MOCHIL was born.


Soon it was no longer me, but us. My actual business partner got enchanted as me with this dream, due to her swiss-italian heritage which added even more spice in our creations.

We believe that behind the business idea of bringing Latin American designs to Europe one finds much more than just simply producing, shipping and selling. It is about demonstrating where the products are coming from, connecting the world and spreading the beauty which was dato hidden.

MOCHIL fuses the high-quality materials and impeccable, detail-oriented workmanship inherited from the European tradition with histories of Latin American culture, presenting new aesthetic perspectives and different worldviews.

MOCHIL is the voice of the beauty of diversity, of cultural integration, and of the colors of life.

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