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SAC employee petitions to keep cash

NEW YORK, Oct 15 (Reuters) A federal judge in Manhattan will soon have to weigh in on how the family of a convicted insider trader should live while the canada goose man spends nearly a decade in federal prison.

The wife of Mathew Martoma, who was caught using secret tips to trade two stocks while working for SAC Capital Advisors, asked a court cheap Canada Goose on Wednesday to let her keep the couple $2.2 million buy canada goose jacket Florida home and canada goose deals roughly $4.5 million in cash, according to a canada goose replica filing.

Rosemary Martoma is seeking to Canada Goose Online block an attempt by federal prosecutors to seize assets they say are the proceeds of crimes committed by her husband. The mother of two, Canada Goose Parka who gave up a career as a pediatrician in 2005 after the birth of her first child, said in canada goose store the filing her contributions to the couple total assets give her a claim over the house, two bank accounts and an investment account.

Her petition highlights a feature of white collar crime that has captured Canada Goose sale the public imagination: What becomes of the family who lived high flying lives funded by a crime?

Since 2010, the Martomas have occupied Canada Goose Jackets a 7,700 square foot, five Canada Goose online bedroom home inside a Canada Goose Coats On Sale gated neighborhood in Boca Raton, a small, wealthy city on Florida canada goose outlet store locations southeastern coast from which billboards are banned so as canadian goose jacket not to disrupt the scenery of manicured trees and perfectly cut grass.

Under Florida property law, Rosemary Martoma can claim a share in the house that is equal to her husband The state constitution says a resident primary home cannot be seized in civil judgments, a law that adds an extra barrier to forfeiture even in a criminal case, according to Neal canada goose outlet toronto factory Sonnett, a white collar defense lawyer in Miami.

Unless Martoma lawyers negotiate a settlement with the government, his wife might be forced to sell the house and Canada Goose Outlet give the government half of the proceeds. attorney office, said spouses often have no idea a 2018 canada goose outlet crime has been committed until a case is brought.

one cannot help but pity an innocent spouse, the government has an obligation to forfeit assets that canada goose black friday sale can be used to canada goose clearance compensate victims of the crime itself, he added.

Martoma was convicted in February of securities fraud after trading illegally in the shares of Elan, now owned by Perrigo Company Plc, and Wyeth, now owned by Pfizer Inc.

It is not canada goose clearance sale clear whether she will be able to protect the accounts. Her petition says the bonus SAC paid Martoma in 2008, the year canada goose coats on sale he made the illicit trades, was buy canada goose jacket cheap put canada goose coats into a bank account separate from those she is now trying to protect.

The Martomas declined Canada Goose online through a spokesman to comment for this story. (Reporting By Emily Flitter; Additional reporting by Nate Raymond. Editing by Andre Grenon).