MOCHIL – Mochil


Due to my Swiss and Colombian roots, two cultures have always guided and shaped me, and I have always combined this with individual beauty and fascination. My inspiration comes from Latin American patterns, which I integrate into modern leather bags to create fashion products.

I grew up in Zurich with a second home in Medellín. But the journey to the origin of my work began as part of my international management studies. It was then that I got the chance to spend an exchange year in Mexico City, where my love for Latin America was further strengthened. During my stay, the people, colours and Latin American designs fascinated me so much that MOCHIL arose from this passion and my personal history.

After putting many different designs on paper, I started going to Leon on the weekends. The city is located about five hours northwest of Mexico City and is known for its leather industry. There I produced my first backpacks with a recommended producer. To this day I collaborate with local craftsmen, which is incredibly important to me and fills me with pride.

From then on I studied the work of big brands, taught myself how to design on YouTube and so the bags got better every time. I learned a lot during this time, as the work in Latin American culture is very different from European culture. I quickly realized that communication with local producers was very different from what I was used to – which was a challenge at first, but soon became a valuable experience.

At the end of my exchange year, I took my first collection to Switzerland and started selling it among friends. I quickly realized that there was indeed a great demand for my bags. Friends of girlfriends began to contact me to buy backpacks from me. So during my last semester here in Zurich I started my own online store. The bags increased in quality with every production and the demand grew with every further event. It quickly became clear to me: giving pleasure to women with my bags makes me even happier as well.

Latin America’s cheerful way of life inspires me deeply, it is shared in all sorts of situations and especially expressed in its art. With colours, patterns and detail-oriented handwork they reflect their joy towards life.

My vision is to bring Europe closer to the hidden beauty of Latin America and the relaxed nature of everyday life. MOCHIL allows me to show traditions, colours and patterns of Latin American culture in modern fashion products with fine craftsmanship.

♥ Karina



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