CUSCO Clutch

Height: 20 cm / Width: 15cm

Beautiful and 100% handcrafted clutch that is practical for all necessities. It features a zip closure on the top and it´s made of embroideries, wood and colored beads. The mini bag is fully and carefully produced in Mexico.

Interior Color: black


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The inspiration comes from Peruvian textile operations. One of the characteristics are the processing features of the colors, which symbolize our earth: The brown and grey of the desert, the ochre and blue of the coasts and the variety in shades of green of the jungle. The inhabitants of the Andes had a lot of free time between sowing and harvesting.  Therefore, in their free time, the manufacturers have been concerned with the techniques used for the manufacturing of material fabrics. The social status of a woman was defined by her weaving abilities. An excellent weaver was seen by the community as a capable person.

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