Height: 34cm / Width: 26cm / Depth: 12cm

At once utilitarian and stylish, our high quality and soft cowhide leather backpack features an outstanding Mexican design. It includes an interior zip, pockets, adjustable and durable straps. The handsome backpack is fully and carefully produced in Mexico. Plus it comes along with an beautiful beauty case matching the backpack pattern.

Interior Color: dark blue


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The inspiration comes from a form of art from Mexico called Huichol. The style is significant for the traditions, as well as the most recent innovations- and the crafting skills- produced by the Huicholes, who live in different regions of Mexico. They are inspired by their psychedelic journey with peyote cacti which are often found in this region. The pieces are crafted during the healing ceremonies leading to individual enlightenment in order to express individual experiences and the environment.

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