Height: 34cm / Width: 26cm / Depth: 12cm

Classic MOCHIL backpack made from high quality and soft cowhide leather with a unique handcrafted Latin American pattern, made of beats and inspired by the Mapuche textiles from Chile. Throw the straps over your shoulders and enter season after season with one cool carryall. This elegant backpack may contain a laptop, includes an interior zip, pockets, adjustable and durable straps and is carefully produced in Mexico.

Interior Color: dark blue


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The inspiration comes from the designs of the indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina; The Mapuche, one of their best-known arts is their textiles. The tradition of their textile production dates back to pre-Hispanic times and continues up to this day. Their textiles were developed to be used as clothing, as tool and shelter for the home, as well as a status symbol. In addition, the Mapuche used their textiles as an important surplus and an exchange trading good.
An interesting fact about the Mapuche is that before the time of European arrival local natives wore textiles made with camel´s hair. Later, after the Spanish introduced sheep, the Indians began breeding these animals and using their wool for their weaving.

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